Thursday, February 2, 2012

John Carter News Bits 5-Monsters!

More news bits for your week. First up John Carter finally gets a cover story! Well a drawing anyway as the latest issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine hits newsstands. But unlike most of the current coverage this issue is paying tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs with three articles-including a 1948 interview with Burroughs and FM legend Forest J. Ackerman, a look at Burroughs life and an article on where newcomers to Burroughs work can start their reading. You can check out some more info at

Next up a new poster promoting the IMAX release of John Carter has been released, showing off Tars what looks like a dress. I leave it to you to make your own "Princess of Mars" jokes.

Finally a new featurette previously only available on Disney's website has shown up on Youtube showing some new footage-including more Tharks, Dejah Thoris and Woola so take a look and lets us know what you think.


John R. Music said...

seriously bro? you cant tell teh difference beetween a man and a woman?

thats sarkoja

MCR said...

I can tell the difference. And unless Andrew Stanton decided that the female Tharks do not have breasts, that's an awfully masculine looking Sarkoja.

Also why would Sarkoja get a poster instead of Tars Tarkas?

John R. Music said...

that is a good question! But yes it is Sarkoja andrew stanton said so on his twitter feed

also there is this

I agree with the decision, women are not defined by their breasts, they arent just men with breasts tacked on.

I think the female tharks look very nice, women dont need breasts to be valid looking, and I dont think it makes them look masculine!

MCR said...

No the Thark women look fine, I guess I just thought the poster was Tars Tarkas because he's a more important character than Sarkoja and would be the most likely Thark to get a poster.

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