Monday, February 6, 2012

Dejah Thoris: New Pics!

Yep she's the major focus here. With the Super Bowl spot now behind us some new photos have shown up with the primary focus being the incomprable Dejah (Lynn Collins). You can check out the rest at


Pohjanakka said...

Lynn Collins looks better in those pictures than she has looked in most of the previous ones.

I still think the worst part about making Zodanga a walking city is that it makes it look small - I presume that the pictures about something that looks mostly like a slightly oversized walking aircraft carrier are of Zoganda. But then both Heliums look kind of small too.

MCR said...

I'm not crazy about Walking Zodanga either-I wonder if Stanton didn't see Howl's Moving Castle too many times.

However I do agree-this is the best Lynn Collins has looked in any of the pictures so far released.

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