Friday, August 19, 2016

'The Legend of Tarzan' Blu-Ray Set for Oct 11

Get ready to bring the Legend home. Warner Bros. has announced The Legend of Tarzan will be coming October 11 on Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD and DVD. The disc will include six featurettes that break down as follows:

  • Tarzan Reborn
  • Battles and Bare Knuckled Brawls 
  • Tarzan and Jane's Unfailing Love
  • Creating the Virtual Jungle 
  • Gabon to the Big Screen
  • Stop Ivory PSA

  • For more info check out and stay tuned.

    Thursday, August 18, 2016

    'The Man Who Fell to Earth' Returns to Theaters

    With David Bowie's passing still on our minds, it makes sense that his first film would be returning. Studio Canal will be releasing a new 4K restoration of Nicolas Roeg's sci-fi masterpiece starring Bowie this Septembet at least in Great Britian and then a Blu-Ray release shortly afterwards. No word yet on if the restoration will be released here in the states (or if Criterion will ever rerelease their excellent DVD/Blu-Ray from years ago) but here's the trailer anyway so take a look and stay tuned.

    Monday, August 15, 2016

    'The Legend of Tarzan' Stands at $347 Million WW

    With the summer winding down it looks we're also winding down on The Legend of Tarzan's run at the box office. As of right now Box Office Mojo has the film at a worldwide gross of $347 million, with the US box office steady at $124 million . On the one hand that's much better than most of the earlier predictions, where the film was a certain failure opposite stiff competition such as The BFG and Independence Day: Resurgence and certainly higher than such mega-bombs like Warcraft and Alice Through the Looking Glass. On the other hand it seems to be in a group of films (like Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond and recently Jason Bourne) that failed to make a profit for its studio. Indeed if we go by the old rules of a film having to make twice its budget, Tarzan is short by $13 million, which if that was it is not a bad figure. But thrown in marketing and print costs and it is still short. So where does it go from here? Depending on how the film does on home video it could ultimately make a profit but probably not enough to convince Warner Bros. to continue with a sequel unless it does really good in the ancillary market (DVD, digital download, streaming, etc). I guess the one victory here is for ERB fans who for once got a Tarzan movie that brought the characters that Burroughs wrote to life without sacrificing what made them stand out. For fans that is the victory so embrace it.

    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    'Rogue One' Trailer 2 Delivers A War Story

    Despite all the talk of production woes and reshoots this still looks good, so sit back and take a look at the latest trailer for the first Star Wars spinoff film and leave your opinions below.

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016

    'Man of Steel 2' In Development

    Well maybe this time they'll get it right. With their planned DC Cinematic Universe hitting some speed bumps, Warner Bros. is now according to reports have put a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel in development. Of course there is no word when this film will come out or who may direct (please not Zack Snyder again) so we'll see if this goes forward. For more head over to and leave your thoughts on where this could go.

    Monday, August 8, 2016

    Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

    Still catching up with those reviews, so here's my belated thoughts on the latest adventure of the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

    Following some needed R&R at the starbase Yorktown, Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew seem ready for their five year mission to end. But when a discovered pod filled with survivors is picked up, the Enterprise is dispatched the area the pod's one survivor claims they were attacked, only to find (in the words of a certain admiral) "it's a trap!" Soon the Enterprise is destroyed, Spock (Zachary Quinto) is injured and depending on McCoy (Karl Urban) to keep him alive, Kirk discovers the survivor is a traitor, Scotty (Simon Pegg) finds an unlikely ally in the form of Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) and the rest of the crew is captured by Krall (Idris Elba) an alien who needs human essence to stay alive (you know space vampires!). Eventually to save the universe it's going to take getting the team rescued, salvaging an ancient starship and the Beastie Boys to stop Krall.

    Yes the Beastie Boys save the universe. Who knew?

    Approaching Star Trek Beyond will depend on what side of the fence you sit on. A lot of people have enjoyed the new reboot series with its comedy, action and light approach the Final Frontier (except maybe Into Darkness). Classic Trekkies though have found little to appeal to them with the fast and loose treatment of the series and the characters. Looking at that I can see both sides in that Beyond is a fast-paced light entertainment with some welcome comedy (especially from Urban and Pegg), some rousing action scenes and forward momentum compared to the last film. Yet it still fails to equal the best of the original series-like The Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home-due to overkill in some cases and a rather bland villain, despite the best efforts of Elba (who to be fair is much better than Cumberbatch's Khan).

    If the film does one thing right it is that it at least gives the cast enough breathing space without losing their charms or characters. Of the new ones I did like Boutella and her chemistry with Pegg provided the highlight of the film. Also delving in the past of the Federation is an intriguing concept that didn't get much play in previous attempts. And the tributes to late cast member Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy were touching and moving.

    I guess as with Suicide Squad it's going to depend on what side of the aisle you sit on. As a fan of Shatner/Nimoy I'm giving Star Trek Beyond **1/2. As a guy who just likes a good time at the movies I'm giving it a ***/12 so it balances it out to a final three stars.

    Sunday, August 7, 2016

    Movie Review: Suicide Squad

    I'm going to catch up with a few reviews here. The first one up is the latest from DC's Cinematic Universe that shows a bunch of bad guys trying to prevent world destruction. You know, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    Following the death of Superman (complete with funeral footage from  Batman V Superman) government agent and cold fish Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) decides there needs to be a response team to handle "meta-humans" just in case the next one isn't as friendly. She puts together "the worst of the worst," a team that includes hitman Deadshot (Will Smith), former psychiatrist turned crazy Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Aussie thief Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), a rope expert named Slipknot, fire controller Diabolo (Jay Hernandez) and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) to save the world or just rot in jail. But when one of the Squad, Dr. June Moone (Cara Delevingne) unleashes the witch Enchantress that is inhabiting her body and plans to destroy the world well you gonna call?

    In some respects the critics are right about the issues Suicide Squad has. It's cluttered, busy with too many characters to focus on or care about (can anyone tell me anything about the nameless army guys who go in), a battle for tone between director David Ayer's vision and what Warner Bros wants, has a weak villain,an end of the world plot pulled right out of Ghostbusters and underuses Jared Leto's Joker you wonder why they bothered including him except for name recognition. And yet despite these major bumps the film isn't a total loss. In fact of the current three DC movies that make up their new film universe I would say this one is the best, if only because we don't have Zack Snyder's poor man Nolan routine weighing it down.

    Part of what does work is the actors do give it their all, especially Robbie (making a nice 180 turn from Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan), Davis and Hernandez. The action sequences are handled well, even if the fact that the "enemy" is faceless zombie creatures turns makes it seem like outtakes from a Resident Evil movie, and a sense of humor that more often than not works.

    In closing I'm giving Suicide Squad a *** out of 4. It may not be the best movie this summer but it's not the worst either. You're opinion may vary though.

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