Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Carter Clips 2: Woola!

More clips and this time both are pretty cool. The first one, called "I'm on Mars" finds John (Taylor Kitsch) getting an astronomy lesson from Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) while the second one, "Mars' Best Friend" gives us everyone's favorite calot in some humorous action. Enjoy! UPDATE: A third clip has also showed up, called "Virginia" it shows John meeting Tars Tarkas and a misunderstanding.

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Pohjanakka said...

Lynn Collins does look better live than she does in pictures. And their acting (both leads) does look promising, although it is of course hard to reach any real conclusions from few clips which last less than a minute each.

Generally, I think the movie may very well be quite good. But still a rather lacking adaptation since Stanton seems to have mucked a bit too much with some of the key points: possibly several of the characters, at least the love story which is going to be a different type than it is in the novel, and what the Therns are (I wouldn't mind that they have been made key players, in a behind the scenes way, so much, but I do mind if they really have been made into aliens, and I really don't like that 'Earth next' hint).

So I'm both optimistic and sad, at the same time.

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