Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #10

With a little break in between John Carter news, I thought I would play catch up on the comic book end. So here's the final entry in the "Pirate Queen of Mars" saga!

When we last left off, our heroines had just been confronted by a ticked off Xen Brega in the arctic ice beneath Helium's pumping station. As the story opens they make a break for it with Brega and his men in hot pursuit. But some hungry worms get in the way leading to a possible end for our princess and her pirate acquaintance...and possibly Brega as well.

With this storyline wrapping up it's pretty much the same as before-nice artwork by Carlos Rafael and some interesting twists by writer Arvid Nelson. Admittedly Dejah doesn't get into the action much here-the worms make short work of Brega's Pirates-and the ultimate resolution is a little predictable but overall this issue wraps up the storyline quite well.

I know this may seem brief but reviewing this issue by issue you run out of things to say about the artwork and the writing so I'll close by saying I liked this one better than the first story arc. Final rating for "The Pirate Queen of Mars" *** out of 4. And a little surprise:

Yep as you can tell Dynamite has announced a new comic book series, Dejah Thoris and The White Apes of Mars and here's the first covers. We'll see how that one turns out (unless ERB Inc has their way.)

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Anonymous said...

Was a bit dissapointed in this second arc of Dejah Thoris. Prefer the Colossus Of Mars. Looking forward to the new mini-series. Dynamite does an amazing job at adapting the Barsoom stories.

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