Wednesday, August 24, 2011

John Carter Sequel and Reshoot News

Still more news from D23. First up MTV has posted their own chat with Taylor Kitsch and director Andrew Stanton at where they talk about the film and plans for upcoming sequels, even though both comment they are taking a wait and see approach: "I don't know," Stanton said with sincerity. "We'll just hope there is one right now." "One at a time," Kitsch said with a smile. Also the site has posted up an interview with Lynn Collins where she also talks about the sequels "Hopefully you'll see her (Dejah Thoris) in two more." UPDATE: More news. This time from Collider who interviewed Ms. Collins about the film In this case she mentions the recent reshoots and that Stanton has decided to pull back on the "warrior princess" version of the character with Collins admitting that they did "take out some of the punches. There were a lot of punches.” Now can they get rid of the tattoos?

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