Wednesday, August 3, 2011

John Carter of Mars Trailer Pics

While we wait for Disney to release "official" pictures from the movie, both ERBZine and the site The Film Stage has posted galleries of images pulled from the trailer and posted them at, and Take a peek and start your own "Is Dejah white?" debate!

In addition the Mouse House has been using the Huffington Post to help promote John Carter of Mars with various posts on the site. The most recent one? "14 Incredible Worlds You Would Want to Visit!" Sadly Olivia Wilde World didn't make the cut. Still have a good chuckle at the other choices and have a good day.


Kilian Stark said...

Great links!! Thanks!! Gotta keep those screen captures!!

Kilian Stark said...

By the way, I wouldn't say Dejah is neither white nor red but tanned with red tattoes all over her body.