Saturday, August 20, 2011

John Carter: D23 Is On!

Yep right about this time the Walt Disney Studios presentation is going on at their D23 Expo. I have no idea in which order John Carter of Mars will be shown (they're also previewing The Avengers, the new Muppets movie and Pixar's Brave) so we'll have to wait and see. Just don't hold you breath for any photos or videos as according to the Twitter feed on the Unofficial John Carter Movie website ( cameras, cell phones and recording devices are forbidden. I'll update as soon as the first articles and any pics show up. UPDATE: Well our first pic courtesy of Walt Disney World Daily News showing off Taylor Kitsch minus some hair.

UPDATE 2: Courtesy of is a rather blurry pic of director Andrew Stanton onstage along with two pieces of art showing off John Carter and Dejah Thoris.

UPDATE 3: Some brief comments again courtesy of Twitter:
-Taylor Kitsch on Woola: "If you can picture a lizard dog with 10 legs and rows of teeth … you won’t meet a more loyal friend."
-Willem Dafoe on playing Tars Tarkas: "In order to get the correct size, I had to perform on three foot tall stilts, which was pretty tricky on the desert terrain."
-Lynn Collins on John Carter: "When she sees Carter and his superhuman abilities, she views him as a potential savior for the entire planet."

UPDATE 4: Well here's the last update from D23. A couple of sites have posted run downs on the footage screened and you can get two differing accounts here and here Three scenes, including a look at Woola were shown, along with the trailer. Coming Soon also snapped a pic of the cast and Andrew Stanton. I guess they forgot to get any snaps from the footage or the no recording rule was in effect.

UPDATE 5: Well I guess I wasn't done. A site called ORTC has posted some red carpet interview clips with the cast and Stanton. You can watch the Kitsch/Stanton clip below and watch Dafoe's at (There is an interview with Collins but for some reason I keep getting an error message. I'll check back later to see if it starts working.)

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