Sunday, August 21, 2011

John Carter of D23: The Day After

Yep more articles on the presentation, in this case from Quint at Aint It Cool News and Entertainment Weekly In this case both writers reveal that 4 scenes were shown (some sites like Ramascreen only said three). Their consensus: Neither writer seemed sold on Lynn Collins, with EW stating they thought her and Taylor Kitsch had no chemistry in the scene shown (even though they were willing to give it a benefit of the doubt) and that Woola will probably win over the audience. EW gave thumbs up to Dafoe as Tars Tarkas even with the unfinished CGI while Quint mentioned he's concerned about the "realistic" approach Andrew Stanton is taking with the film and fears it might be sacrificing the fun pulp feel of the novels. The EW writer also compared an arena action scene with a great white ape to the arena sequence in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I just want to know how Lynn got away wearing that dress at Disneyland.

UPDATE 1: Another review of the footage shown, this time from Bad Ass Digest As you can tell the guy wasn't impressed, in particular with Kitsch. I'll try to keep the reviews coming as the day goes on.

UPDATE 2: Two more opposing viewpoints. First up is the Hollywood Reporter's Heatvision blog which gave the clips an enthusiastic notice, commenting "The clips showcased elements of drama, romance, action and cute humor, positioning the movie as a modern-day Star Wars, if it works. (Which would be ironic, since John Carter books were a Star Wars inspiration.)" On the flip side the Playlist found the footage "lukewarm," in particular the scene between John Carter and Dejah Thoris and the arena sequence

UPDATE 3: The last of the reviews I'll be posting here. The first comes from Collider Most of it is a general rundown of the footage shown but like other reviewers comment on the film's tone: "On the one hand – everybody in the film seems to be playing to that somber melancholy beat, on the other – it’s still just a guy fighting and jumping over giant CGI monsters." The second is another review from AICN, this time from "Mr. Beaks" and like Quint expresses concern over the look, tone and casting: "From the drab color palette to the familiar looking set pieces, JOHN CARTER looks completely joyless...Plop two flavorless leads in the middle of this dull, dusty universe, and you've got one seriously torpid tentpole." He does add that he hopes the film plays better as a whole than the chunks shown.

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