Thursday, February 20, 2014

Retro Comics: What If #10

OK..."What if JANE FOSTER had found the Hammer of THOR?" A potential plot for Thor 3?

Basically imagine the original Stan Lee-Jack Kirby origin story for Thor rewritten where it was Jane who found that walking stick and suddenly possessed the power of Thor? Well she becomes Thordis, runs around saving the day, causes mass confusion for the gods of Asgard and has to stop Ragnorak from happening. All the while pining for poor Don Blake...

For you true believers out there you probably remember this series but for those who don't, What If was a long running Marvel title that ran stories that offered up alternate stories of Marvel's heroes, like if Spider-Man's Aunt May had been bitten by that spider or one time the Mighty Thor meeting Conan the Barbarian. In this case writer Don Glut offers up his spin on Thor and Jane Foster, resulting in some humorous moments in Asgard where Odin wonders if his poor son isn't under the spell of some sorcerer, Loki delighting in the idea that he is now the only son and then some. There is some playful takes on Marvel history (like the team make-up of The Avengers) and an ending that leads to something you would see on late afternoon soap operas or Jerry Springer (trust me) but it's still a fun read.

Handling art duties is Rick Hoberg and he does a good job bringing the characters and settings to life. It's not Kirby or Walt Simonson (then what is) but he handles everything quite well, even making Jane/Thordis a convincing figure (even though I shudder at the thought what some cosplay fan might do). Throw in the nice bright colors that Marvel basked in during the late 1970s and you have a feast for the eyes.

In short if you can find it for a few bucks pick it up and enjoy the camp spectacle. Until next time folks.

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