Saturday, February 22, 2014

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #36

No clever opening guys. Just a review.

When we last left our heroes, a deadly assassin had interrupted the attempted assassination of Mors Kojak by his granddaughter Tala. However the new assassin injures Mors and escapes with Tala, leaving Dejah to pick up the pieces. With help from Kantos Kan, she tracks the assassin-Tur-Tan-to Zodanga, where a fight to rescue Tala ensues. Of course it's all a part of Kajak Thoris to destroy Dejah and her family. And there is a big shocker at the end...

With what appears to be next to last issue of the series (considering the lack of new cover art for future issues on their website) Dynamite and company (writer Robert Napton and artist Debora Carita) deliver a fast-paced setup with some interesting twists and turns that helps keep the reader interested.

I do however have some qualms about the storyline though, or rather how things are going. First while we know that Tala is part of her father's plan she hasn't developed much beyond being a psychotic brat with little to make us feel for her. It might have worked better to build up sympathy for her than to reveal her true nature. It also doesn't help the characters of Dejah and her family since they come across as clueless, not even questioning why Tala ran away last issue-or for that matter attempted to kill Mors Kojak. Really that wasn't a dead give away there was something afoot?

Oh well maybe with the next issue things will reach a satisfying conclusion. I'll be back later with another "retro comics" review. Be safe and Kaor!

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