Sunday, February 23, 2014

Retro Comics: Marvel Premiere #61

With Guardians of the Galaxy gaining steam, I thought I would take a look back at an earlier adventure starring...Star Lord! Who?

In "Planet Story" Peter Quill and his ship (known as "Ship") discover a planet that could possibly host life. But when Quill investigates he discovers a living, breathing planet that he barely escapes from. Questioning whether or not such a planet needs to exist, he reaches a moral quandary: does he have the right to destroy an organism even if it appears deadly?

For those coming to this comic book with the recent trailer and its more smart-ass Peter Quill on their mind maybe in for a shock at the serious tone writer Doug Moench creates here. Actually splitting the issue into three parts with the first two telling the same story from Quill and the planet's own point of views, Moench creates a compelling story with some big questions about morality and whether or not a person has the right to take a life, even if that life is dangerous. For those used to rock-, em-sock-em Marvel action or space operas that rely more on aliens and cool weapons it's an intriguing breath of fresh air and a gripping tale.

The issue also benefits from artist Tom Sutton's artwork capturing the live planet and its creepiness along with the nightmarish imagery that Quill finds himself subjected to. It's not the most vibrant comic color wise but I appreciated the muted colors and straight ahead look that represented the era in which I came to Marvel and miss the sure hand and vivid artwork that they used to have.

I suspect with the movie there will be more interest in the Guardians and their solo adventures so I give this issue a big recommendation if you can find it. I'll see you guys later.

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