Friday, February 7, 2014

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #35

Sorry for the lack of anything. Bad weather, other things and a lack of any ERB news to report. But I'm back with this week's Dejah adventure...

Returning back to Helium with her "niece" Tala, Dejah hopes the young woman will adjust and get over her father, Kajak. However Tala is a pawn in Kajak's plans, as he directs her to escape and head to Lesser Helium, With Dejah and some sentries looking for her, Tala risks her life to exact revenge against the one man her father holds responsible for his misfortune-Mors Kojak. But things get complicated with a new mysterious figure becoming involved in the action.

As usual a bridging issue that spends more time setting up the next issue than anything else. That said writer Robert Place Napton does give some nice breaks, including a warm dinner between Dejah and her father and Tala's escape from Greater Helium and flight to Lesser Helium to liven up the story.

Carlos Rafael returns to handle the art duties and as usual does a bang-up job, capturing the characters and action well with style and a sure hand.

Yep another short review but it's a good issue so there isn't much else to say except pick it up and sit back and enjoy the ride. Stay warm and I'll be back later.

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