Saturday, March 2, 2013

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #23

Hey remember this series? It's back! With more sword action, cool monsters and a hot Martian babe on the cover, so what more do you want in your Barsoom fix?

When we last left off, John Carter and his allies Woola and the Jeddak of Ptarth (who is only referred to here as "Ptarth") was in hot pursuit of Matai Shang and his captives when Carter mysteriously lost control of his craft and crashed into the frozen wasteland of Barsoom's North Pole. Picking themselves off-and not minding the cold despite running around only in a loincloth-Carter and company barely escape becoming food for Apts, hungry creatures that haunt the north before discovering the fabled "Carrion Caves." The caves are actually the home of the yellow men of Mars and, after sending off Woola for help, Carter rescues one of them, Marik, from an assassination attempt. Malik, a nobleman of Maretina, agrees to take Carter and Ptarth to his Jeddak, Talu, with the promise that he'll help Carter get into the kingdom of the despotic Saelsnsu Oll, ruler of the Yellow Men. Once in Carter discovers why he crashed, the electromagnetic Guardian of the North. He also finds himself a prisoner and with Helium's fleet approaching and poor Dejah still missing...well it's not looking good for our heroes.

Pretty much speeding through the plot of The Warlord of Mars, this issue sets up the big finale quite efficiently and with little fat. We get Carter in action, some new allies for our hero, the introduction of a new threat and a lot of splashy color courtesy of artist Leoandro Olivero and colorist Thiago Ribeiero. There is some big questions though-like why Carter is running around in freezing temperatures in nothing but a loin cloth but I guess his Earth man body chemistry doesn't feel it. Beyond that it's a fast paced issue so another thumbs up to Arvid Nelson and company for hitting this out of the ball park.

I know this is a short review but except for a lack of hot red women in this issue-even though there is some nice female Okarians-it's a good issue and welcome return after a long wait. Just don't make us wait another three months Dynamite!

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pascalahad said...

With Warlord of Mars almost finished, my hope is that, at last, we will see adaptations of the non-Carter centered books!! Can't wait to see the Kaldanes!

According to Wikipedia, the first seven books are now public domain. I hope to see one day these guys draw Tavia.