Sunday, March 10, 2013

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #23

OK after yesterday's less than positive look back at John Carter, how about a more upbeat review?

Following the fall of the Jeddak of Yorn and the death of her brother, the Jeddak's daughter Tash Lia has taken the throne of Yorn. But after an assassination attempt on her life she finds herself in the care of Dejah and Kantos Kan, who are ordered to bring her to Helium to cede power to Tardors Mors. But with the assassin Boll-Rem on their heels-and in their ship-Dejah and company crash into the desert and have to survive. Finding an abandoned city they think they have found safety until some hungry inhabitants come out...

At this point, considering that Boll-Rem is drawn like a cyborg, the appearance of ulsios ready to feast and a bratty princess, we know we're in the nutty world of Dejah Thoris. And guess what? I'm starting to like it!

Like his previous story arc, writer Robert Napton starts off with a strong story, filled with action, a dash of suspense and the usual perils along the way. Teaming up Dejah with Kantos also helps bring a nice emotional tone to the story, as does dealing Tash Lia, who holds Dejah responsible for her father and brother's deaths. With a Terminator pretty much after them it builds to a nice ending that makes me curious where it goes.

Handling the art duties here is Debora Carita, who did some work on the series a few issues back. Her style is different from usual series artist Carlos Rafael but she manages to capture Dejah and company quite well. I did mention that Boll-Rem looked like a cyborg? Well he's a well drawn cyborg. Carita also manages to make the ulsios creepy and disgusting looking and the whole thing has the bright look of the previous issues. So no complaints there.

While I suspect the next issue will throw the usual curves-the princess turns into a Thark monster or Boll-Rem is actually a clone of John Carter-its the curve balls that has made this series fun and at least an interesting take on Barsoom. Just enjoy the ride.

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