Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Comic Review: Star Wars #3

For fans of the Force, this one’s for you!

Again splitting the issue into three stories, we pick up with Darth Vader assuming his new position as overseer of building the new Death Star located near the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. Meanwhile Leia and Luke blow up at each other over a female Rebel pilot named Prithi, who Leia suspects may have more in her background than she’s telling. Things are also blowing-literally-for Han Solo and Chewbacca on Coruscant, the Imperial Capital, when they discover that their contact is actually an Imperial spy, leading to a shoot out with Stormtroopers. Can Han and Chewie escape?

With this third issue, Brian Wood and company has made it clear that they are having a blast playing with George Lucas’ characters and this in infectious fun carries over to the reader. From the opening sequence of Vader to Han’s smart-ass attitude, this is the Star Wars that people fell in love with, all action broken up with brief moments of character beats and fun. The subplot of Leia and Luke coming to blows is also an interesting idea, showing that the Rebellion is a fragile group made up of people who sometimes don’t trust each other. If I have any complaints is that Wood needs to get Vader more into the action and bring back Boba Fett now!

For the artwork, Carlos D’Anda does another bang up job bringing the story to life. From his portrayals of the characters which kicks off with a great close up of Vader’s mask to the shoot out with Han and the Stormtroopers, it is a bright, vibrant look that captures the reader’s eye with color and excitement.

So in short another winner from Dark Horse and Wood and team with this issue. If you haven’t started reading it yet I encourage you to do so. It is your destiny! (Sorry couldn’t resist).

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