Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #31

This week's Warlord of Mars comic finds John Carter exploring more of the dark secrets of Barsoon. In other words a typical day for our hero.

Despite pleas from Dejah Thoris, Carter is determined to investigate the Twin Spires of Helium, even though their history is unknown. Entering the Red Spire of Greater Helium, Carter and his men almost become Ghasta chow but luckily survive. Going further into the spire they find what appears to be an egg with a surprise-SPOILER-the still living body of missing Jeddak Tardors Mors! Bringing him out, Tardors relates how he escaped his captors in Okar only to wake up back in Helium. While his return seems to be a cause for celebration, John and Dejah begin to wonder if something else isn't afoot...

Setting up the latest storyline, "Tyrant of Mars," Arvid Nelson once again comes up with an intriguing setup with some out of left field twists. To say more would spoil the fun but this opening does a good job of providing enough meat to chew on while throwing us some interesting concepts and a unique look at the characters.

Handling the art this issue is Wagner Reis and I'm sort of mixed on it. On the one hand his creatures look great, from the beasts of burden on the front page to the giant spiders Carter and company face in the Spire, he sure knows how to handle the otherworldly creatures. It's his humans and Heliumites I'm a little more down on. Some of them come across too cartoony while others look OK. I guess I'm just used to a more realistic look for them and here they almost bear a caricature look. That said I'm sure will like it so I might be in the minority on that thought.

So with some hiccups in the art addressed, this issue is still an interesting and eye-catching opening for another round of action and pulp suspense. That's all you need to know. I'll be back tomorrow with another review so until then folks.

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