Sunday, December 1, 2013

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #30

Well that was fast. One week after John Carter's shocking discovery and we get the finale.

Barely escaping with their lives from Talu and his men, Carter and Tars Tarkas suddenly find themselves trapped by an ice wall with no passage. And if that wasn't enough Talu and company find them and unleash their big monster-experiment to take care of them. While both fight for their lives, help arrives thanks to Carthoris, leading to a final decision by Tars that could change the peace of Barsoom forever.

I admitted in my review of the last issue I wasn't thrilled with the change to Talu and the Yellow Men, making them the bad guys. I still don't like it but I will give this issue praise for being an entertaining, rousing finale to the "Savages of Mars" story. Most of that is due to the artwork, here a team effort by Rafael Lanhellas and Marcio Abreu that makes the action crackle and move, as well as capturing the characters quite well. There's enough vibrancy to catch the eye that I think readers will come away at least with a visual treat.

The story also does move, even with the aforementioned changes. The interplay between Carter and Tars is excellent, showing off Arvid Nelson's skills as a writer as well as capturing the friendship between the two that Burroughs established. The final choice by Tars is also handled well, showing his Thark thinking and demeanor while at the same time admitting that it is hard to be civilized. Plus I did love his final line at the end.

Yes the big reveal of the major villain was something of a disappointment but otherwise this was a strong and bold storyline that captured the best of both Nelson and Burroughs' gifts. A true fan of Barsoom I think will enjoy the series, even with the changes, and come away happy that someone is carrying on the tradition of adventure and thrills. That's my final word on it so pick it up. Until next time true believers.

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