Monday, May 7, 2012

John Carter Rises

By 1,223.8! According to Box Office Mojo, John Carter this weekend sakked his way up from number 34 to 12 on the charts, bringing in $1.5 million at the box office While they may not seem like a lot, the film was the only film on there that rose in the top 20, not to mention at a huge number. The reason? The film has hit the discount theaters and curious audiences, possibly intrigued by the constant press about it's failure may have come out. John and Dejah Thoris may have also received some help from The Avengers, as that film's huge box office may have led to spill-over. I also noticed in my hometown and some neighboring towns that the local drive-ins (yep they still exist) was showing Avengers as the first run film and John Carter as the second feature. We'll wait and see but it may give some renewed hope for fans hoping for that sequel. (Thanks to the John Carter Files for the heads up.) UPDATE: Well it looks like Cap and company did help. The Hollywood Reporter has a new article confirming that John Carter was paired on 150 drive-in screens with The Avengers which helped push the box office up.

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