Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comic Review: John Carter-The Gods of Mars #3

This week's Barsoomian comic book review. That's all I got.

Here's the short version of it-John and company return from the Valley Dor, are greated by Kantos Kan, put on trial before Zat Arras but before sentence is passed discovers that Dejah Thoris is now in the hands of the First Born. Zat Arras uses it to remove John Carter from his path and as this issue ends John and Carthoris face a familiar monster...

I know I'm giving the plot short shrift but when you have two competing comic books telling the same story there isn't much to say about that, except how they are faring. In this case the comic follows the novel up to a point, even though some extra dialogue hints at a long standing feud between "House Thoris" as John calls it (I'm guessing it's next door to House Atredies) and Zat Arras, who attempted to invade Helium before. We also get more of Dejah on her quest as apparently she decided to go to the Valley searching for John. And yes she blitzes some First Born before being taken captive.

Outside of that the issue still has some plusses-namely the nice bright artwork by Ramon Perez. Some of it still needs work-the backgrounds don't pop much while the characters have a more cartoony look than say their Dynamite counterparts-it's still nice and eye catching. Even if Dejah has green lipstick on during Sola's flashback to Dejah's capture.

I'll give it a mixed to positive recommendation this time. If you loved the first two issues than this one is more of the same which is still a good thing. I just hope that if Marvel continues publishing their own versions that someone takes a break. I don't know if I want to review dueling versions of The Warlord of Mars as I have but at least we are getting a varied list of comics to review. Which considering the movie's performance is a good thing.

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