Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dejah Thoris Pic of the Day

OK why wasn't this used on a poster? Still finding the occasional magazine article on John Carter I picked up the March/April issue of Make-Up Artist magazine and I stumbled upon this pic, which might be the sexiest image I've seen of Lynn Collins as the incomparable Princess (sorry about the type as this was on the index page. If anyone has seen this without the type let me know). I'll let you guys take a look and enjoy the rest of the day off. (I'll pick up again either tomorrow or Tuesday with the continuation of "The Barsoom Saga Revisited" series and even share my thoughts on the upcoming Tarzan 3D. Until then.)


Anonymous said...

They couldn't use this for a poster, man! It might make somebody go see the movie!!

doikea said...

I bought the same magazine and I couldn´t believe when I opened it. What´s the point in having THE icon who everyone copied, a real Juilliard trained actress....absolutely alluring image...and never use it?