Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dejah Thoris Gets Her Own Comic

Some news courtesy of Marooned According to the site Comic Book Resources Dynamite will be publishing Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris, a spinoff of their current Warlord of Mars series. The book will be a prequel, following the adventures of Dejah before she meets John Carter, and I'll let writer Arvid Nelson explain: "Burroughs left so many tantalizing breadcrumb trails in the first few Mars novels, but he never followed most of them. This series is going to follow some of those trails. We're going to see how Dejah Thoris' kingdom of Helium rose to preeminence. We're going to see her first suitor. And we're going to see Dejah herself kick some ass. She's a great character, totally deserving of her own series. It's great having her in a more active role." More Dejah the better I say! The book is set to hit comic racks March 2011.

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Sailor Barsoom said...

Everybody seems to want to make her a warrior. How about a science geek or something? How about a stunningly competent diplomat?