Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More News: Spider-Man, PGA Sci-Fi Love and a Mars What If?

Okay the daily news...

First up is news on a film that honestly I couldn't care less about...Spider-Man 4. Earlier sites like Aint it Cool News reported that the film was facing script problems that possibly could lead to it being delayed from it's May 2011 release date. The rumor was quickly denied but looks like it has resurfaced if this story is correct-http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/exclusive-spider-man-4-officially-has-no-start-date-as-of-today-because-of-script-problems-sony-unlikely-to-make-5112010-release-date/ While I liked the first one, the second one was overrated and the third one a complete disaster so if 4 never gets made I won't be upset but I'm sure some Spidey fans are biting their nails over the possibility of it being canned.

Next up the Producers Guild of America has announced their nominees for best produced films of the year and have went geek-three of the nominees are sci-fi flicks-James Cameron's Avatar (getting more good news after its record breaking box office), Neil Blomkamp's excellent District 9 and JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot. The Guild also nominated Pixar's Up which bodes well for it being a possible nominee at this year's Oscars. Good luck guys and congrats.

Finally an interesting piece on the Asylum Princess of Mars has been posted on ERBZine-http://www.erbzine.com/mag30/3034.html. While most of the piece is a history of the company it does raise two interesting possibilities-one that Asylum could continue to milk Barsoom for all its worth by either adapting the public domain John Carter novels or possibly titles like Gullivar of Mars and second that their film could lead to other companies doing their own Barsoom films. It's an interesting possibility. (Two quick words of warning on the article-one the piece's author expresses his opinions on the upcoming Andrew Stanton version and its makes some of my comments seem optimistic and two included with the article is a picture of Lynn Collins in her "birthday suit" so use your own discretion when reading it.)

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