Thursday, January 14, 2010

Casting News UPDATE: Conan and Malcolm's Dad Goes to Mars

With the Princess now reviewed we turn our attention to a famous Cimmerian and a former college professor turn drug dealer. That's an interesting lot.

First up Deadline Hollywood (who you may remember broke the news on Sam Raimi's exit from Spider-Man 4) has broken news on the possible candidates to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new Conan film. The battle is between actors Jason Momoa (best known for Stargate: Atlantis and Baywatch) and Kellan Lutz (one of the hunk vampires of Twilight) with a third candidate not named. No offense but is this the best they can come up with? Suddenly makes Taylor Kitsch's casting as John Carter seem brilliant. For more info- UPDATE JAN. 22: Well it looks like it is Momoa after all- Well at least this guy isn't getting screwed by Jay Leno even though I'm sure Howard fans will be split. At least it wasn't the Twilight guy.

And speaking of Mr. Carter, the reliable Heatvision blog has a new casting announcement up. This time around Bryan Cranston (best known as the aformentioned prof from Breaking Bad and the put upon father from Malcolm in the Middle) has been cast as a "colonel who has conflicts" with John Carter. If you don't remember that don't worry-there is no character like that in the novel. You can determine for yourself if that is a needed addition here-

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