Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John Carter of Mars Studio and Start Date!

While I admit my enthusaism has dipped recently, the fact the film is now apparently ready to shoot is something I thought I would never see. Pulled from (hope you don't mind) the film is set to begin production on January 28th at London's famous Pinewood Studios (the home of James Bond for you film geeks.) Pinewood's own site has a listing of the stages to be used and you can explore them here-

UPDATE: In a new interview, Willem Dafoe (promoting the vampire flick Daybreakers) says he is heading to London next week to begin filming. Well the sooner the better. For more of Dafoe's comments on playing Tars Tarkas- (and a special thanks to Mr. Tarkas for pointing out the article.)


Tars Tarkas said...

Don't forget the interview with Willem Defoe at io9 that says he starts shooting next week. And I am awaiting your view on the Asylum Princess of Mars!

MCR said...

I just saw the I09 interview and will be making the corrections. As for Princess the mailman is taking his time with that one.

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