Saturday, November 30, 2013

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #32

The future is about to get changed. You know all timey-wimey style.

Rescued from her near drowning by her descendant Dejah Carter, Dejah Thoris learns that Barsoom has been invaded by Jasoomians terraforming the planet to make it habitable to them. In order to undo this a plan is hatched to find the time portal in Dorvas, which just happens to be where the new Atlantic Ocean is located. Facing no return to her own time, Dejah agrees to help the cause when the portal is found and brought to the stronghold of their enemies. Both Dejahs come up with a plan to get Dejah T. back to her own time and "unmake the future." An army of Doctors and TARDISes not included.

Playing with the whole time travel scenario, Robert Napton and company have fun with Dejah's reaction to her planet's future, not to mention her discovery of her future and her past. There is mentions of her husband to be and Lt. Jones (whose fate is still open) which helps add some texture to the whole story. Granted the whole solution to the story gets muddled as most time travel stories do but I have to admit having the most fun I've had with this series here.

The typical thumbs up for Carlos Rafael and his work, including some cool action sequences and cool design work, especially the Buck Rogers-esque Jasoomian flying humans. Even though I do think it's funny how more dressed Dejah C. is compared to her ancestor.

With a series that has been uneven as this one has this might be the best story arc that has been done for it. It captures the pulpy tone of Burroughs and offers up a nice escapist story to enjoy. So if you haven't pick up this issue, it's worth it. Next time we'll wrap up another Barsoomain comic book tale. Until then KAOR!

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