Wednesday, March 14, 2012

John Carter: More Defense and Box Office News

Some more news so I'll cut to it. First The John Carter Files is reporting that John Carter actually saw a brief rise at the Tuesday box office from Monday and has some comparisons to other movies here Possibly that word of mouth is helping which is some good news.

Also another defense has shown up online, this time from "Mr. Beaks" at Aint It Cool News who talks about the press-and how some like the New York Times actually got their reporting wrong and how instead of ripping apart John Carter and Andrew Stanton we should save our vitriol for those who deserve it. And I agree-yes complain about John Carter, that's great. But save your hatred for those who truly deserve it. You can read his thoughts at


Pohjanakka said...

There were a few things which made me pretty pissed if we are talking about the film as an adaptation, but it was still good enough as a film that I would like to see the sequels.

Partly perhaps because I'd like to see how Stanton manages the next two stories considering the changes he made to this one, but also because his version of Barsoom was still enjoyable enough that I'd like to spend some more time there.

And then there is also the fact that if this film turns out to be even a modest success over time it always increases the chances for new adaptations, and there could always be a gem or two there if more are made. An actual flop would probably mean nobody daring to touch any ERB property for a while. Except maybe Asylum.

Anonymous said...

Asylum already did a movie of John Carter in '09, shortly after Disney announced the project. I called A Princess of Mars. It's complete garbage.