Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Carter Makes SciFi Now Cover

A little late I admit but I just found it at the local Barnes and Noble. While the box office continues to provide drama for fans (I'll direct you to the fine folks at the John Carter Files site for this weekend's BO performance I've been rounding up some John Carter related stuff and in this case the first-and to date only-cover story about the film courtesy of issue 64 of the British magazine SciFi Now. It has a two page interview with Andrew Stanton which depending on your view of the movie will confirm his genius or convince you he should have made WALL-E 2 instead, a brief sidebar chat with Taylor Kitsch and a cool two page "Journey to Mars" article looking at John Carter's long 100 year trip from the pages of All-Story magazine to the big screen. You can get some more info about the issue at (and for you Game of Thrones fans-yep there's an article about it too!)

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