Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Warlord and Gulliver of Mars Comic News

Again I can't come up with an opening, so here's the news bits.

First up the website Comicvine has an interview with writer Arvid Nelson about the upcoming Warlord of Mars series from Dynamite He talks about his approach to the series and promises it will be faithful to the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels and that the series will appeal to superhero fans as well. The site also has the cover for issue 2 by Joe Jusko that is shown above.

Next up and I don't know how I missed this but it looks like Lt. Gulliver Jones is also getting the comic book treatment. An upcoming series called Gulliver of Mars: Beyond the War of the Worlds written by Mark Ellis with art by Preston Asevedo is previewed here The series will combine Edwin Arnold's character with the setting of HG Wells' Martian classic. No word on when the series will be hitting comic stores but you can see some of the artwork for it at the site above.

Finally in a non-comic related piece, the site Den of Geek has a piece looking at Flash Gordon in both the serials and the campy 1980 movie. Most of it is a review of the 30th anniversary Blu-Ray disc of the movie but it is an interesting read for Flash fans at

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