Friday, August 6, 2010

The Shadow Knows! (Plus John Carter Speaks Briefly)

I'm probably a day late and dollar short but here's some news for fans of two pulp heroes...

First up the site Pajiba is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is possibly going to write and direct a new film version of The Shadow, the classic pulp superhero who inspired numerous others (including the Caped Crusader himself.) Tarantino is the third director attached to a new version-previously it was rumored that Sam Raimi was going to direct, followed by another story that he was going to produce with David Slade (of 30 Days of Night and Twilight 3) directing. The site does say take this info with a grain of salt until confirmed but you can decide for yourself here

The other news brief comes from the Wall Street Journal who talked to actor Taylor Kitsch about his exit from the TV series Friday Night Lights and his upcoming film work-including John Carter of Mars and Battleship. Not much new info on John Carter, except that the script was "super secretive." You can read the brief news and his comments on leaving FNL at

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