Thursday, April 22, 2010

Newsbits:Clone Wars, John Carter and Avatar

For the one or two people who read this blog, sorry for the lack of updates. Honestly there hasn't been much to report but I will probably add more Retro Views soon. But today some brief news.

First up, everyone's favorite bounty hunter returns to animation this Friday with the new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yep Boba Fett returns, seeking revenge. You can read the full press release and see a clip at

Next up two items for John Carter of Mars fans. First up tonight (Thursday) GeekWeekLive will have a chat with actor Daryl Sabara, who is playing young Edgar Rice Burroughs. I don't know how much info will be revealed about JCOM but we'll see. You can watch the video at It will start at 4 P.M. PST. The other bit is on where they have posted a first pic from the set in Utah. Not much to see but I guess it proves their shooting.

Finally today is Earth Day. It's also Avatar Day as the epic hits Blu-Ray and DVD to help celebrate our planet and make some cash (cynical I know. But the lack of extras pretty much means double and triple dipping is coming.) I guess make you'll have to decide either to buy now or wait. Beyond that though, go out and celebrate our homeworld and have a good day.


Mike Smith said...

I guess I'm one of the two readers of your blog. Have you seen this animation yet from the new JOCM movie?

I just stumbled across it this morning.

MCR said...

Thank you for reading and for providing the link. The animantion footage posted was made in 2005 for the Paramount version. I have went ahead and made a blog post for it and something else that fans might find interesting.