Friday, April 9, 2010

EW's "Empire" Special! Plus Buck And John Carter's Battleship?

A late night Friday post. Yep, sad isn't it.

First up as you can tell from above, the new issue of Entertainment Weekly hitting newsstands today celebrates the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. The issue according to their site will contain some previously unreleased photos and a preview of the upcoming Making Of book. As the greatest sequel ever made it's cool to see it getting its due this way.

Next up has posted a new photo on their site, featuring Buck (Bobby Rice) and his girlfriend Maddie (Samantha Gray) as well as the new logo. With the feature film now in the hands of Paul "Alien vs. Predator" Anderson, at least someone is giving Buck some respect.

Finally Hollywood Reporter's Heatvision blog ( and several other sites have reported that Taylor Kitsch will be jumping from Barsoom to...Battleship. Yes as in "you sank my battleship." The film is being directed by Peter Berg, one of the producers of Kitsch's former job, Friday Night Lights. No offense but seriously? Battleship? The film is set to open 2012, which either will be a big year for Kitsch or make him wonder why he left FNL.

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