Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Retro Comics: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #17

I know. I have no excuses for falling behind here except work, weather and computer issues. While at some point I will review the last few issues of the new series, here's the latest from the classic John Carter, Warlord of Mars series that asks the question "What Price Victory?"

Surviving their crash from the last issue, John Carter finds himself under siege from mysterious white men...with wings! When one carries off Dejah Thoris, Carter fights harder but eventually is knocked unconscious. When he wakes he discovers he is a honored guest in the city of Karanthor, inhabited by Orovars, the fabled ancient race of Barsoom. But when attends dinner with the jedwar of the army Gar Karus, Carter also finds himself at a slave auction...with Dejah the prime prize!

Digging into the past of the Orovars and Barsoomian history, Chris Claremont presents an intriguing idea, especially considering Burroughs' own exploration of the fabled races of Mars in several of the novels. Where I do have problems is the idea of them suddenly being basically Hawkmen from Flash Gordon. Not that flying humans is a bad concept, it just seems a little off here. Still the issue is a fast paced read, with Carter for once being helpless and not knowing what to do, even though he does seem to yell a lot here.

Ernie Colon handles art duties and he does a good job with the characters, especially since once you move past the opening there isn't much action. Again though the Hawkmen still look too Alex Raymond-like but they stand out well. All in all pretty good, just not a home run.

So there you go folks. Next time "Tars Tarkas Fights Alone!" Finally the Thark gets his moment in the comic book spotlight.

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