Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Retro Comics: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #16

Still no new John Carter review (a combination of work, bad weather and moving) so let's head back to the previous series as this one delivers a shock..."JOHN CATER IS DEAD!"

On the second anniversary of their wedding, Carter and Dejah Thoris are celebrating when Carter collapses, the victim of a deadly d'ath spider poison. His killer, a female slave named Daria, reveals she is working for the Guild of Assassins and with her mission complete attempts to escape only to jump to her death when caught. With her husband dead, Dejah vows vengeance and departs to track down the Guild and infilitrate their ranks. But thanks to that Jassomian metabolism Carter lives and leaves to save his wife. But when he does catch up with her a downdraft forces their craft down and the two pass out unaware of approaching figures...

As mentioned last time, a new team takes over with this issue and they start off with a bang. Taking over writing duties is Chris Claremont (a few years from his legendary run on Uncanny X-Men) and he shows a knack for capturing Burroughs' style, from the opening to Carter's first person narration, he manages to setup a fast paced tale while keeping things clear and fresh.

Art duties are being handled here by Ernie Colon and his work is good, especially in the opening sequence and chase of Carter's killer. Later pages show some offbeat touches (like why does Carter leave Helium in nothing but purple undies?) but he manages to capture some impressive visuals and offers up some nice imagery.

So with chapter one of "The Master Assassin of Mars" underway we have a gripping opener and some interesting twists ahead. Stay tuned...

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