Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Comic Review: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #4

A few weeks late but better late than never.

As part four of "Invaders of Mars" opens we find ourselves in Manassas, Virginia 1861 and see the back story of one Captain Joshua Clark-here a violent but determined Union solider-and his first encounter with Captain Jack Carter of Virginia. Barely surviving that meeting, Clark vowed to seek revenge against Carter and when abducted by the Kahori, he finally tracked him down to Barsoom. Oh and Dejah Thoris is about to be executed for failing to help Clark track down her husband! But never doubt John Carter, who puts his leaping and sword abilities to good use and finally discovers who is behind the invasion of his adopted home.

Pretty much this issue is all back story, finally providing glimpses of Clark's character and his background with Carter. It's an interesting turn, showing Clark as a vicious, almost bloodthirsty soldier and Carter as that gentleman we all knew from the books. Beyond that Ron Marz spends the rest of the issue just moving pieces around until the final face to face.

Helping keep interest is the excellent art by Abhishek Malsuni. From the opening-which is the most realistic (so to speak) to the arid lands of Barsoom to his fetching princess design, Malsuni keeps the reader's attention even when the story does slow down. I hope he remains on the title for the duration as his work is becoming the best thing about the new series.

So Barsoomians if you haven't picked this up yet do so. Just be prepared for setup not payoff. Until next time faithful readers.

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