Thursday, December 4, 2014

Retro Comics: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #9

OK we're back as as 'The Air-Pirates of Mars' reaches it's wrap-up. So prepare as we get "Armageddon...At Last!"

Following the rock monster attack, John Carter commands an air fleet to the stronghold of the Council of Five and bring an end to their plans. But when the city's defenses prove more difficult then imagined-including an invisible shield and floating city-Carter, Dejah, Tars Tarkas and Kantos Kan find themselves fighting for both their lives and all of Barsoom, a battle that will leave lasting repercussions for our heroes.

Setting up the finale for the first story arc in the series, Marv Wolfman and company do a bang-up job, from capturing the action and peril of warfare to giving each character moments to consider their choices and the outcomes of them. From the opening, where Carter and Dejah and Kantos and Grogg debate their reasons for this attack (from revenge to noble intentions) to Tars questioning his own decisions to return back to his people, it's a surprisingly more weighty issue than just the usual fights and battles that most comic books, including this one, engages in.

As usual the artwork by Gil Kane and Rudy Nebres is top notch, capturing the characters and the action with skill and ease. All though Kantos' ponytail is a bit much.

If you want an action fix and a cool John Carter of Mars story to boot this issue delivers what you need. Next time "The Final Chapter in the Greatest John Carter of Them All!" as John Carter prepares for the final Showdown! Until then Kaor!

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