Friday, December 19, 2014

Comic Review: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #2

Sorry for the lateness of this review but things happen. That said let's head back to Barsoom shall we?

With one of the alien invaders in front of him and a white ape behind him John Carter looks to be in a no-win situation. But he's not about to get "torn apart by a White Ape." Instead using his strength and agility he manages to avoid death and in the aftermath gain two unlikely allies. He also learns that Helium has been captured by the "warlord" of the Kahori. Meanwhile we discover a little more about this "warlord" Joshua Clark as he interrogates Dejah Thoris about Carter's whereabouts. With nothing left to lose, Carter-with the aide of Tars Tarkas and the Tharks-capture a Kahori cruiser and head for Barsoom to meet their new enemy...

Following last issue this one again takes its time to setup the story rather than jamming in a lot of action sequences. For some that might be a little irksome, especially if you crave some ERB-style mayhem. But wisely Ron Marz seems to be setting up his pieces and the result is readable and entertaining. With some good scenes showing us John Carter's loyalty and chivalrous side counterbalanced with enough growing tension readers will find much here to enjoy.

Also back for his second issue is artist Ahishek Malsuni and he does a good job balancing the action and character designs, even if there is some bizarre choices (or maybe it's just those yellow boots Carter is wearing distracts only me). Still he captures Barsoom quire well and brings to life the creatures-from white apes to Woola-with skill and a nice hand.

Fans of the first issue will find much here and if you haven't picked up this series yet what are you waiting for? Until next time faithful readers.

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