Thursday, November 6, 2014

Retro Comics: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #6

I will try to get a review of the first issue of the new John Carter, Warlord of  Mars up this weekend but for now let's head back to the past, where our hero finds "Hell in Helium!"

Having killed Stara Kan and escaped, John Carter decides to return to Helium to seek help in his search for Dejah Thoris unaware that the whole city has turned against him since they suspect he is involved in the princess' disappearance and the raids he was forced to participate in. Meanwhile Mors Kojak finds Tars Tarkas, who reveals what happened earlier and refuses to believe John is guilty of the acts he is accused of and vows to find Carter and Dejah and "slay the culprit who spread those filthy lies!" But he might be too late as Carter ends up fighting for his life against a bloodthirsty mob to save not only his life but the lives of innocent Heliumites as well.

From the first page to the last, this issue builds up the tension and action until it reaches the finale with Carter for once vulnerable and unable to save the day. The writing by Marv Wolfman skillfully builds Carter's dilemma of not wanting to hurt his adopted people while at the same time having to save themselves from their blood lust that it forces the reader to turn the pages quicker to find out what happens. There is no flab here and even some recaps of the past issues helps bring the reader up to speed and doesn't slow the story flow.

As usual excellent artwork, this time courtesy of Gil Kane and guest inker Rudy Mesina, especially since this issue is some jam packed with action sequences, fights and narrow escapes. So no complaints there.

With some foreshadowing of what is to come and a cliffhanger of an ending this issue is a definite winner and makes the reader ready for the next adventure. Next time "Dejah Thoris Fights Back!" Until then, Kaor!

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