Monday, November 10, 2014

Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #5

Due to not getting to the comic book store in time, my review of John Carter, Warlord of Mars #1 will be delayed until later this week (I guess the fact they sold out proves there is audience for old Carter still). So to take its place here is the latest issue starring that other guy who went from Earth to the stars.

Having survived his mano-a-mano with Thanos last issue, Peter Quill discovers he is now the number one target of a bounty hunter named Mister Knife. Needing to know who this guy he is he heads to the "armpit of the cosmos" for some information from a Kymellian named Lucien (a talking horse basically). From there Lucien relates how Knife's elite hit team-the Slaughter Squad (not to be confused with the Suicide Squad from DC Comics) and their hunt for the Black Vortex. With that captured Quill discovers the next target-him!

Taking a back seat in the action department, writer Sam Humphries does a good job establishing the Slaughter Squad, even if they are the usual ragtag band of mercenaries working for a shadowy overlord with galaxy conquest goals (or at least that's how this usually turns out). Beyond that we get some humor from Quill, a bar that wouldn't feel out of place on Mos Eisley and a nice setup for the future, along with some cameo appearances. Plus it has a talking horse. How can you not love that? (Even if he isn't Mister Ed?)

The artwork duties are handled by Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco and they deliver a nice, vividly designed world filled with offbeat characters. They don't get to show off much since there is no big action setpieces but they deliver enough to catch the eye and keep the reader moving through the issue.

So Star-Lord fans you know what to do and pick this up. For everyone else give a chance and you will find a fun space comic. I'll be back later folks.

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