Monday, October 6, 2014

Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #4

AND NOW...THANOS! Or the guy in the floating chair from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Having acquired a mysterious device known as the Mandalay Gem, Quill and his sidekick, the holographic Lydia head to Earth, or more precisely the Moon to confront Star-Lord's most deadly adversary. Once there it's the usual slug fest between the two but their possible fight will cause the destruction of the Moon...and the Earth. Can the two put aside their differences long enough to prevent the cataclysmic event? And what is with blowing up the Moon? First Doctor Who, now this?

As mentioned above most of this is a long drawn out brawl in typical Marvel style, handled well by the art team of artist Freddie Williams and company with enough flair and color to at least catch the eye. Also seeing old Thanos for once getting his rear handed to him is a nice change from the usual scenes of him causing mass casualties he usually does.

The story though is just a one shot that leaves an opening for a more interesting tale, so I wonder if writer Sam Humphries just decided to throw in Thanos to help spice things up or keep those coming in from the movie interested since old Big Chin doesn't have any grand schemes planned or mentioned. Oh well at least there is some humor and a nice twist at the end.

As it stands, Legendary Star-Lord #4 is a good stand alone tale with bigger implications for future story lines. It's not essential reading but it is fun and if you enjoyed the character from the movie then dive in. Until next time folks.

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