Sunday, October 19, 2014

Comic Review: Flash Gordon #6

Hawkmen, Hawkwomen and a "virile" Zarkov. Yeah things just got weird.

Now in the hands of two Hawkmen, Dale is reluctant to give up the Gatestone Crystal that allows travel through Mongo. Instead she tells them that Flash and Zarkov have it and since they've been captured by "Dirt Eaters" (as the Hawkmen call them for reasons that become obvious), they help Dale rescue her male comrades from that "fate worse than death" usually reserved for the heroines (what is this Flesh Gordon?). Once that's done and they've saved Flash and Zarkov from the danger of constant boinking, they escape their captors only to have the big bird himself arrive-Vultan! But let's just say he isn't much help either...

Yep just another day for Flash Gordon.

So far I've liked this series and this issue has the same ingredients-adventure, quips and bizarre turns towards comedy (seriously who knew Zarkov was such a stud to the ladies), twists and the usual out of nowhere plot turns. I get the feeling writer Jeff Parker is having fun with the characters and it comes through nicely, even though some might be turned off by the humor or camp that peeks through.

As usual a nice A plus to Evan Shaner and Jordie Bellaire for the art and colors that make the book nice and eye catching. Bellaire also contributed to a second story that shows a side of Ming that we usually don't see-or do but played differently.

Flash Gordon fans will know to pick it up and if you haven't do yourself a favor and give it a chance. Until next time inhabitants of Mongo.

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