Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tarzan 3D Teaser Trailer 2

OK a little Saturday surprise. Constantin Films has released the second German teaser for their upcoming motion capture Tarzan flick and you can take a peek below. Yes there is apes, Jane, helicopters (wait WHAT!) and Tarzan in action so watch it and let us know what you think about it.


pascalahad said...

Could be fun after all. Of course, Tarzan's "parents" are gorillas and there's some vine action, but not only. There's some "man vs animal" action, impressive Tarzan movements among the trees, a love story... I'm beginning to have some faith in the end result.

I saw a making-of, mostly about the motion capture, and there are some shots of Tarzan at different ages. The 19-years old version has a scar across his face on the left side, the result of the fight with the gorilla (Terkoz?)?

My only main critic so far would be this very tiny knife. It looks like a kitchen knife, not the kind of weapon I would use on a crocodile!

Anonymous said...

AHHH I am so pumped for this!
(1) T is still kind of lacking gravity... (as in, the branches and growth don't bend under his weight, seen in the first trailer)
(2) That yell is...well let's just say I'm not too impressed. Bull apes are scarier sounding, aren't they?
(3) The gorillas still look kind of clunky...
(4) Why was T running in the open? Doesn't he know better than that?

I saw that YouTuber being sarcastic about him putting his knife away! But those who have read the books know why it is actually pret-ty neat! Yes sir!

I saw another animated film this director (Richard Klooss) directed (Animals United). It was horrible. But at the same time, this trailer rekindles some hope for the new movie! I am crossing my fingers extra tightly... I really really hope this is great!