Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Man of Steel-The Early Years

With only a month to go until Superman Returns (no not that ONE!) here's a look at a tale of the beginning of the story.

In this case if you know anything about the history of Superman you know the origin by now: Baby Kal-El is rocketed away from the dying planet of Krypton (which in this case is being destroyed due to dwindling resources and drilling into the planet's core to help); his rescue and upbringing by the Kents and his discovering his abilities. Mostly it's just learning not to use them due to his parents' fears of being taken away and dealing with a school bully named Whitney.

Written for the junior set by Frank Whitman, The Early Years is pretty much just a retelling of a timeless story with some added elements to spruce it up for those coming to Superman without much knowledge. So in that respect it works pretty well for the younger readers (especially with its big print and short page length). Those looking for upcoming plot points for the movie well you might be disappointed. Most of what's here has been revealed in the trailers and TV spots, outside of a cameo appearance by a familiar comic character and the wrap around, which shows a modern day Superman saving Metropolis.

Still I knew what not to expect much so I enjoyed it for its fast-paced qualities and how it doesn't go off to far from the mythos (unless you are one of those getting upset about the absent of the red underpants). I did enjoy the presentation of the Kents as normal people dealing with a child they love but want to protect, which in this day and age is something is needed.

So if you're looking for any spoilers or big rousing action set pieces, you'll have to wait. Otherwise for those who want a sneak peek it's a fun and quick read. Rating: *** out of 4.

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