Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comic Review: Lord of the Jungle #15

This week's comic book review sees Tarzan fighting for his life against "A Shadow in the Golden City!"

Following rescuing Jane Porter and capturing Rockoff, Tarzan is ready to leave Opar when La asks him for help involving a creature that has been haunting Opar for years. Tired of putting his life on the line Tarzan says no and heads off only to change his mind when he receives word that several Oparians-including one who helped him-has been killed. With vengeance on his mind, Tarzan heads off to find the creature, only to discover something that has never been seen before...a creature whose origin began elsewhere.

Like the recent issue of Dejah Thoris, trying to review this one without giving away much is hard since the big two plot points are spoilers. Let's just say here that Arvid Nelson has made some story telling decisions that will rub fans the wrong way and a big reveal that seems to be promising a future storyline-or crossover-with another series. The story moves fast and the stand alone nature is nice (especially since I'm beginning to wonder if this is the last issue since Dynamite has not posted any new cover art for future issues in a long time) so if this is the finale it's anti climatic. If it is the opening of a new story arc then it's intriguing if it stays on course.

This issue brings in a new artist, Wagner Reis, who brings a nice and more grittier style to the series. Tarzan looks harsh and grimmer than through most of this series and the "shadow" is given a good monstrous appearance. Again backgrounds are not that distinct but otherwise it is pretty striking and brings a gritty edge to the series.

If this is the last issue then I guess enjoy it. It is not perfect-and one major change I hated-but otherwise until we get another new Tarzan comic book this is it.

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