Thursday, May 30, 2013

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #25

Wait! Two new Warlord of Mars issues in a month? OK I’m jesting but still this is a welcome surprise.

With his destruction of the Guardian of the North, John Carter has saved the Heliumite fleet but has to still save his beloved Dejah Thoris. Meanwhile Okarian Jeddak Salensus Oll discovers Hell hath no fury like a bunch of women with sharp pointy things. However that evil Thurid kidnaps Dejah and Phaidor and attempts to escape. While Helium and Okar battles on, John makes one more effort to save both women, an attempt that could be his last…

Brining a close to their adaptation of The Warlord of Mars, Arvid Nelson wraps things up by sticking closely to novel’s final act-with the Heliumite battles to Carter and Dejah’s reunion-pretty effectively. Unlike his take on Lord of the Jungle, this one remains close to the novel, even though there is some changes to the material, notably in Oll’s fate but otherwise it delivers a rousing finale.

Continuing the revolving door of artists, this time we get work done by Everton Sousa and it maintains the usual standard of nice bright colors, well-drawn characters and exceptional action sequences. The usual complaints are there-the backgrounds are bland and don’t pop at all and the change in designs in clothing-but Sousa does a good job with this issue.

Wrapping up, this issue brings the saga of John Carter and Dejah Thoris to a good end, maintaining the proper respect for Edgar Rice Burroughs and helping to make it accessible to new readers. All without shape shifting, moving cities and silly medallions. We’ll have to see how the next story line works but for now this issue is a winner and a worthy addition.

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pascalahad said...

I wonder what performance John Carter will have out of his hand puppet. I guess it's the equivalent of the Muppet Show on Barsoom!