Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comic Review: Lord of the Jungle #14

Well I'm a little late with this week's comic book reviews so I'll be catching up for the next few posts. Moving on here's the final showdown for Opar!

With Jane Porter his prisoner and Opar under his control Nickolas Rockoff plans a final trap to eliminate Tarzan and to escape with the loot. However Jane finds an unlikely ally in La, and the two escape Jane's cell. Meanwhile Tarzan and the Waziri launch their raid on Opar, fighting off the Beast Men of Opar and Rockoff's men until Tarzan gets into a final knife fight with Rockoff, and only one man is left standing...

As seen in the last few issues, Arvid Nelson has deviated quite a bit from The Return of Tarzan for his storyline and well it's a fun tale. I was taken back by seeing La suddenly helping Jane-considering mostly she would like to get rid of her in Burroughs' books-but the issue moves swiftly to its conclusion with no flab and mucho action. The final fight between Tarzan and Rockoff is also well staged and at least gives the reader a payoff that Burroughs himself never did (I guess I always wanted Rockoff to meet his demise at the hands of Tarzan, not as a panther's meal). All in all a nice finale to this take on the story.

I've run out of praises for Roberto Castro's artwork here so I'll just repeat myself. Nice, bright imagery; great character designs and a fluid sense to the action sequences. It may not equal the best of Tarzan comic art but it's still a good contender.

For Lord of the Jungle fans this issue is a definite must have as it wraps up a compelling story line and gives the reader a slam-bang Tarzan tale to boot. Just sit back and enjoy the action.

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