Saturday, October 6, 2012

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #16

Is it just me or are they knocking these out quickly? Oh well, more Dejah, more the merrier.

Still in her self-imposed exile from Helium, Dejah has now headed towards the frozen pole of Barsoom when she nearly is killed by an Apt. But fate intervenes in the form of a one-armed (with a hook!) Okarian who kills the apt and then offers Dejah a warm place to stay-as his slave. Not taking to the slave life lightly, Dejah manages to escape but now has two enemies to face, the Okarian and the Apts of the Carrion Caves.

As with the last issue, this one is pretty much a stand alone story with little in the way of forward momentum. In fact it's pretty basic storywise-Dejah gets herself in a pickle and gets out of it. Nothing too big and epic. That said Robert Napton does a good job letting us in Dejah's head as she still ponders her faith and wonders whether or not Issus is testing her. Plus it has a good with a hook for an arm. How can you beat that?

For the art we get yet another new artist to Barsoom, Debora Carita. Carita (whose previous credits include Wonder Woman) does a good job here, even though the standard bland background issues are there. She does manage to make Dejah look attractive yet vulnerable (even though it just could be me but wouldn't she wear more in the frozen wastelands of Okar?) and draws a mean looking apt, complete with a creepy bug head. Plus a guy with a hook. Have I mentioned that?

So this issue is an OK fill-in until the next story line starts. And if the promised title of "The Vampire Men of Saturn" is an indication, we'll get a doozy. Until next time, and I promise to have Jane finished I'll see you then.

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