Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #20

Another weekend, another comic book review.

When we last left our heroes, John Carter and Carthoris had discovered that a High Priest of Issus had activated a "Doomsday Device" that will destroy Barsoom's already fragile atmosphere. As this issue opens, they are working feverishly to discover the location of the device and shut it off. Helping them is Linea, the granddaughter of Issus, who hopes that her actions will lead her people to make peace with the Red Men. But there is some obstacles to overcome-including sea creatures, violent First Born and time running out.

Serving as a brief bridge between his adaptations of The Gods of Mars and The Warlord of Mars, Arvid Nelson has made a pretty good and short linking story that at least keeps the reader interested. Granted I wasn't crazy about building up the romantic tension between Carthoris and Linea since we know that it wasn't to be. Also there is a brief scene where Carter himself suggests a union between the two could bring peace. He must have seen the movie John Carter where his (movie) father-in-law suggested the same thing to a reluctant child. Still the story moves briskly and that's what counts here.

It also helps that artist Vicente Cifuentes brings a nice touch to the characters and designs, even if the colors seem a little off-Carthrois for example is about as white as his father. Still the work is nice and colorful and maintains the issue well.

I've run out of clever wrap-ups so I'll just end by giving a Thark four thumbs up. See you next time.

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