Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dark Horse Presents...Tarzan!

I hope you faithful readers survived the fireworks. In this case it looks like Tarzan has been swinging through another comic book series, this time with art by the great Thomas Yeates. If you haven't seen it, well you're not alone. It was published with little fanfare as part of Dark Horse Presents, an anthology series and ran through issues 8-10. So I guess consider this a late FYI. I'll try to get the issues and post a late review soon as I can. Dark Horse does have a preview up from issue 9 at showing off the issue in question so take a peek.

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Anonymous said...

That preview nicely shows off the cover, but does not allow customers to take a look at the actual Tarzan story. Actually, the previews of all the DHP issues with this Tarzan story in them do not show the actual Tarzan story.
However, you can still catch some of the artwork at

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