Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tarzan 3D Making of Featurette

Just barely one day after word of potential directors for Warner Bros' live action take, we get a peek at the other film being made. In this case a featurette has appeared online, showing the motion capture technique being used to create the film's apes (in this case gorillas), as well as concept artwork and designs for the characters. So take a peek and let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I was ecstatic to see this video when it first appeared online last week. It is so good to see some more official Tarzan movement on the big screen at last!
Just wondering: Are you the Youtube commenter with the username BluesmanDizzy? It would make sense.
I personally really liked all the Tarzan design concepts they had except for the 14-year-old design at 5:49 in the video. I find it slightly...scary! xD Much too cartoony for me.
I have always pictured Jane with long hair. Maybe her short hair is due to the modern-ness? We shall see. I like the designs for her dad.
Those other characters (except Greystoke) really made me think. Greystoke didn't make me think because he is Tarzan's cousin and he HAS to be in the Tarzan film. Those other characters did, though...Who is Derek? Who is Christ? Jeez, are they tourists or something? Are we going to see a child other than Tarzan (and his son) in a Tarzan movie for the first time?
Phew. I am too excited! I shall wait (patiently and)optimistically for this movie.
What did you think of the video, MCR?

MCR said...

No I'm not BluesmanDizzy. Just to let you know.

My thoughts on this video is that it does a good job showing what they are doing and it being released early enough to let us know. I felt that Disney failed at that with John Carter. I also thought it was good that the director addressed the "uncanny valley" concern that people have in relation to motion capture. I also heard that the guy who is doing the ape coordination actually played one of the apes in Greystoke so that's pretty nifty.

With the film itself it's more 50/50. I'm not thrilled with the idea of a modern setting but at the same time I get the feeling this is being done to appeal to a more younger audience so I'm not going to get upset if it isn't a 100 percent faithful to Burroughs. That said anything to help introduce young people to ERB is always welcome so I hope they do a good job-and get better marketing than John Carter.